Prada Spring 2014 Menswear

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I’ll admit that I’m not always the biggest fan of Miuccia Prada’s designs, but I can’t deny that the woman is an absolute genius. Her items are artistic interpretations of profound topics, and whether or not they’re conventionally appealing, they’re definitely more than just clothes. The profound concept Miuccia took on for her spring 2014 menswear collection involved the contrast between a tropical paradise and human brutality, with a set titled “Menacing Paradise.” A dark vision, images of helicopters danced with threatening palm trees in the bloodthirsty artificial sunset, setting the stage for what many saw as a Vietnam War or Pearl Harbor-inspired fashion show.

As for the pieces themselves, tropical prints adorned silky tops in a less friendly color scheme than you’d find in an island paradise. While practicality has been on many designers’ minds this season, Miuccia Prada interpreted the idea with battle-ready footwear and loose layers. Prada’s delineation of each season’s theme is rarely literal, though one particular top with a print of an antagonizing moon over desolate waters eloquently defined her frame of reference.

But what’s paradise without a bit of romance? Despite the macabre tone, the resort 2014 womenswear items were woven throughout the presentation, perfectly pairing with their male counterparts. The seductive, somewhat vintage looks seemed to exaggerate the details of the menswear upon a slew of fascinating new models.

“Even the sun sets in paradise” would be an applicable phrase for Miuccia Prada’s spring 2014 menswear collection. While there is truth in the saying, it ironically seems like the sun won’t be setting over the legendary fashion house anytime soon.

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