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Please excuse the low-quality iPhone picture, but there are no photos allowed in Club Silencio, Paris’ ultra exclusive nightlife destination. Dark walls are garnished with offbeat artwork, as guests descend numerous stairs in complete silence . Finally, they step into a beautiful cave tucked away on Rue Montmartre and discover a piece of director David Lynch’s imagination.

The notoriously innovative filmmaker’s vision is translated into potentially the most lavish club in Paris. Every part of the venue is detailed with sleek black and metallic gold, culminating in a minimalist, luxurious social setting. From the fascinating paneled ceilings to the pristinely shined bars and tabletops, every element releases a silent scream of sophistication. It doesn’t hurt that there’s also an expansive and inventive selection of original cocktails, and Silencio even smells beautifully.

But it’s more than just another discothèque; Silencio’s members-only draw is one of the many things that sets it apart from the rest. Applicants must prove their place in creative industries such as art, film, and fashion in order to gain ultimate access to the club. Though it’s open to the public after midnight, from 6pm until 12am, the glossy lounge holds several events for its lucky members, including talks, film screenings, concerts, and other exciting cultural and artistic experiences. Of course, with all of these fantastic features, it’s not surprising that David Lynch’s visionary site is the perfect place to spot a variety of celebrities and fashionistas.

Silencio isn’t only something to see, it’s something to feel and experience.

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