A Weekend in Amsterdam

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As I finished my exams and headed to Charles de Gaulle airport to depart on a week long break from school and work, it dawned on me that Paris’ insane accessibility to the rest of Europe meant I’d be doing a lot of traveling. And a lot of traveling means a lot of content to share. No, this isn’t suddenly becoming a travel blog, but why neglect the immense beauty of the world?

First on my list of places to experience was Amsterdam, a place I’ve been to a few times before (and will probably return to in the near future). From the stunning pieces in the Van Gogh museum to the ubiquitous canals, the Dutch city has an undeniable charm. While the language itself poses a bit of a challenge, the magical appeal of Amsterdam makes up for all of that. In just two short days, I was reminded of its refreshing atmosphere amongst friends and the many strangers who flock to the bicycle-heavy streets. Take a look at my weekend in Amsterdam!

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All photos by me, with select photos from Instagram

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