Le Carmen

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While Paris is no New York or Barcelona when it comes to nightlife, there are definitely still some hot spots worth checking out. Trek up to Paris’ Pigalle neighborhood, the notoriously sleazy “red light district,” and be amazed by this diamond in the rough: Le Carmen.

It doesn’t get more “Parisian chic” than here, noted by the sophisticated yet youthful crowd ready to let loose to live acoustic performances or eclectic DJ sets. Upon entering, guests are greeted by beautiful rococo décor that could rival the Louvre, while the pitch black rooms are illuminated by mysterious, sinister red lighting. The bartenders always know how to make a good drink, eager to get creative if a guest is unsure of what they want, but there’s no need to shovel out all of your Euros to quench your thirst.

Le Carmen does, however, lean more towards the exclusive side. Though not quite as elite as partner clubs Le Baron and Le Montana, Carmen is definitely a choosy lady, so come prepared. Amidst the young hipsters, Le Carmen often welcomes artists, models, and other Paris VIPs; you’ve got to talk the talk and walk the walk to join the party. If you can successfully move the doorman, you’re in for a fun night at one of the best spots in town.

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