Fashion Month is Here

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You blinked, and the fashion world is back in its usual frenzy. While all eyes are on New York at the moment, it doesn’t end there, as the fashion set will head from the Big – currently frozen – Apple to London, Milan and Paris in no time. It seems like it’s always Fashion Week somewhere, with street style photogs snapping away at the most ridiculous ensembles and esteemed editors taking notes on the biggest things of the season. But throughout the four “majors,” there’s a lot to be seen over the course of this month-long whirlwind.

What does this mean, you ask? Well, take away all of the chaos and hype that’s enveloped the events and brace yourselves for some serious styles, because this is a crucial time to see what’s next in the ever-changing industry. Everyone’s anticipating where stories like those of Marc Jacobs or Nicolas Ghesquière will go; how will Jacobs’ shifted focus entirely on his namesake label change things for the labels he used to helm? As Ghesquière takes over one of said labels, that being Louis Vuitton, we anxiously anticipate his long-awaited comeback after his departure from Balenciaga. Speaking of which, what will Alexander Wang stir up this season? Will it be a continuation of his safe yet sartorially friendly work at Nicolas’ old post, or will he take the neon-flared girl of the future from his own Brooklyn show this past weekend to the next level?

And the revolving door doesn’t stop spinning just yet. After the departure of trendsetters like Jil Sander and Ann Demeulemeester from their own houses, there’s something compelling about the possibility of new designer takeovers. Meanwhile, there’s always the possibility of random, unexpected exits and entrances in this crazy industry. Let’s not forget the constant interest and excitement that always surrounds some of the big players, as Riccardo Tisci’s cult following at Givenchy is stronger than ever, the world can’t wait to see how Rick Owens will follow up his spring 2014 ready-to-wear step dance show, and there’s always something influential brewing in the mind of Miuccia Prada.

It’s definitely all about the clothes, but it’s hard to ignore that undeniable popularity contest that consumes Fashion Month. And no, we’re not talking about which peacocking blogger attracted the most street style photographers or whose Instagram got the most likes (though these could still be entertaining things to watch). What’s really pressing is whose collections will stand out as some of the most inspiring of the season, or whose show will save us from monotony by taking us to a new sensory extreme. And we can’t forget the models. Which girls from last season will stick it out this time around, and who can we expect to see dominating the runways for the next few weeks (spoiler: some of the many girls from the latest Prada ads will surely show up somewhere)? And on a more serious model-related note, will designers and casting directors finally embrace some more diversity?

If this unspoken popularity contest is truly present, then all the cool kids have got to go somewhere, right? Sure, there will be some badasses hanging in the bathroom à la Anna Ewers in Alexander Wang’s 90’s throwback ad campaign, but no one cares unless they’re sitting on the chicest toilets in the city. From Back Bar and the Boom Boom Room in New York to Silencio and Le Carmen in Paris, if we can’t directly get in on the Fashion Week action, we know where to find the “in crowd.” And if anything, we know whose Tweets and Instagrams to check out for some good ol’ vicarious living (we’re looking at you, Derek Blasberg).

Finally, while Des Phosphènes’ coverage of the fall 2014 ready-to-wear shows won’t be nearly as involved as that of the most recent menswear shows, stay tuned for some highlights from the current circuit.

Happy Fashion Month, and stay warm!

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