Bundle Up!

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Whether you like it or not, it’s cold, and it’s only getting colder from here. With the rapidly dropping temperature, snowfall has already started pulverizing several regions. Time to break out your puffy winter jacket, Ugg boots, and ski pants, right? Wrong.

We know, it’s easy. Nothing’s more comfortable than your go-to winter gear; that NorthFace jacket keeps you really really warm, and it’s hard to resist the urge to layer your sweats, hoodies, and other super casual items. But let’s be real. You can’t spend the entire fall and winter season looking like a sloppy mess (or at least you shouldn’t). The time will come when you’ll have to step out of the house and into the cold, and while we all have our off days, there’s going to be a point when you’ll need to start putting yourself together a little better. Believe it or not, there are plenty of pieces that can keep you warm and maintain a sense of style.

Even winter weather essentials can be redone in a fashionable way. Meanwhile, tacky accessories, bulkiness, and unsightly silhouettes can still be avoided. Why not try a pair of luxe shearling earmuffs or a sleek performance-inspired jacket? Knitwear and shearling are totally in right now, too, and both can be redone in a variety of unique styles. You can’t forget to invest in a great winter coat – you’ll be getting pretty close this season, after all. And finally, you can ditch those heinous sheep’s ass boots, because there are plenty pieces of beautiful footwear that will still keep your toes from freezing off.

Check out a gallery of the best winter weather gear for men and women below, and let us know your favorite pieces!


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