Half a Decade with Warby Parker

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February 2010 feels like just yesterday. But since then, Warby Parker’s set up numerous stores throughout the U.S., distributed glasses to over a million people in need worldwide, and pivoted itself as one of the most popular eyewear brands, perfectly meshing affordability and style. With an expansive variety of optical accessories, the label has certainly built itself up in the past five years, and that’s definitely something worth celebrating.

So in order to mark this milestone, Warby Parker is releasing their Half-Decade Collection, an exciting reinvention of the five and a half styles from their debut eyewear line. The frames come in a limited-edition spectrum of the brand’s signature blue, with a five engraved on the temple tip and a specially designed box that lists all of their frame names to date.

Warby Parker’s Half-Decade Collection continues the inspiration from their spring 2015 line, alluding to nautical details and life at sea. Sure, people are often skeptical about colored frames, but you’ll definitely be wanting a case of the blues with these options. Still conveying simplicity and elegance, while adding another unique dimension to your eyewear, the styles from the latest collection are more than capable of enhancing an overall ensemble. A good pair of glasses is arguably one of the best accessories, after all. Take, for example, the reinvented Roosevelt style in a refreshing blue slate fade, or the Fillmore frames in a subtly bold harbor blue. Whether paired with relative neutrals or adding another hue to an already-colorful getup, each piece in the collection has the aesthetic flexibility to fit into a variety of different looks for both men and women. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Colonel monocle, done in atlas blue. The unique accessory is sure to be a huge sartorial hit this year, bringing back one of the best stylistic elements in history. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the impressive collection is enhanced by the brand’s ongoing benevolence; as always, for every pair that’s sold, a pair is donated to someone in need.

The Warby Parker Half-Decade Collection is available online and in stores February 12, with pieces from just $95. Check out the full collection below, and let us know your favorite style!


All Photos Courtesy Warby Parker

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