Bringing Sybilla Back

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For many people, the name Sybilla doesn’t ring a bell. This is kind of surprising, considering the designer is arguably one of the biggest things in Spanish fashion since Cristobal Balenciaga. Sybilla launched her label in 1983, but after fashion began to move at a rate that she felt she couldn’t keep up with, she left the industry in 2005. It’s admirable to say the least; we’ve seen countless examples of designers succumbing to the pressure of commercial demand in relation to their own creative expression. Meanwhile, Sybilla’s been giving back since her departure from fashion, developing agricultural projects and opening a school in Majorca in order to offer solutions to some of today’s more pressing issues.

But now Sybilla’s back, and she’s bringing the highlights of her brand along with her.

From the start, Sybilla’s feminist “by women, for women” approach to design exemplified fashion’s ability to empower. From her famous little black dress from spring 1991, with bold geometric details, to her versatile yet structured outerwear, Sybilla’s various garments and silhouettes allowed women to be comfortable, protected, and sensual all at once. And in her fall 2015 collection, her first since her return to fashion, that’s certainly remained. The range features sculptural, cocoon-like coats that protect the wearer with a sexy shield, along with artsy dresses in a variety of unique styles.

Through various pop-up shops, Sybilla and her team aim to get to know and build their audience like musicians on tour. Take the current location in New York, where the aim is to create a comfortable environment for women to feel safe to touch the clothes, discover the pieces’ details, and interact with one another. Though the future of Sybilla is yet to be determined, the rejuvenation of this prolific brand is definitely something to get excited about.

Sybilla’s New York pop-up shop is located at 25 Mercer Street, open from 10am-7pm through October 31. 

Check out some images of Sybilla’s fall 2015 collection by Felix Valiente below.

Sybilla1  Sybilla3 Sybilla5

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