The On-Trend Shoes You Need for 2016

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It’s 2016 and that means a new season is upon us. That’s as good an excuse as any to splurge for some new shoes (like you need a reason). These are a few of the hottest styles from the end of last year and a couple fresh ones that you should be rocking in ’16.

Chuck Taylors

The classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star was originally created in 1917 and has been a quintessential casual shoe for just about everyone for nearly 100 years. After so much time with little change, Nike did the unthinkable and actually redesigned the iconic kicks. The company added a lightweight Lunarlon insole while retaining much of the cool canvas style upper. They still look like the Chucks you know and love, but they now provide more cushion for a much more comfortable shoe. If you thought they used to be hard on your feet was keeping you from owning a pair, you’re out of excuses now and need these classics in your closet.

Chukka Boots

Dress boots were a big hit in 2015, almost as big as beards and man-buns and the three often went hand in hand for the fashion conscious hipsters of the world. But the thing is, they might have been on to something. Dress boots are incredibly versatile with a variety of colors and styles that pair well with casual and formal outfits for a guaranteed fresh look that is both and comfortable.

Bean Boots

You might have missed out on the beloved L.L. Bean Boots this Christmas because the company ran into yet another shortage of the handmade boots. That said, you’ve probably got a little extra cash from grandma lying around. And with a solid four months of cold and wet weather coming up, it’s totally worth it to go ahead and jump on a pair while you can. The “Maine Hunting Shoes” (as they’re officially known) were originally introduced in 1911 and have remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years, a true testament to a winning design that’s truly timeless and never goes out of style.

Adidas Stan Smiths

The solid “triple white” Adidas Stan Smiths made quite the splash in 2015 and they even dropped an incredibly sleek all black pair at the end of the year. Now we’ve learned that they’re going to manufacture even more tonal Stan Smiths with a red colorway that has us practically drooling on the pavement. Did you know that the Stan Smiths weren’t even originally called Stan Smiths? They were actually originally branded under the name of French tennis pro Robert Haillet until they switched to American tennis star Stan Smith when he became the world number-one in 1971.


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