Tokyo Calling

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Tokyo is kind of where it’s at. The hub of Japanese fashion continuously provides unlimited inspiration, featuring everything from minimalism to avant-garde to Harajuku eccentricity and more. And the recent fall 2016 shows were certainly no exception.

Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi’s Mint Designs started off the week with the type of edginess that Japanese fashion is known for, though still maintaining a sense of composed luxury. Drawing inspiration from postmodern art juxtaposed with an element of digital futurism, highlights included multicolored patchwork garments, bold color-blocked coats, and abstract prints that launched us towards the future. Tech-inspired graphics were present at Hanae Mori Manuscrit, too, where designers Hanae Mori and Yu Amatsu evoked a sense of Parisian elegance through a romantic color palette and pristine outerwear. The high society look appeared more reminiscent of New York’s uptown set than the streets of Tokyo, but the silhouettes and styling were perfected by Japanese precision.

Tokyo streetwear was still present at the city’s shows, as proven at Yoshio Kubo. For fall 2016, the collection mixed several textures and fabrics to delineate an urban translation of global exchange. Tribal prints in bold colors and killer outerwear made for pieces that were both wearable and cutting edge. Meanwhile, Japanese minimalism was perfected at DressedUndressed, where sharp tailoring made for sleek silhouettes that defied gender boundaries. Trendy separates alluded to 90s Helmut Lang, though Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato’s fall 2016 line still remained undeniably one-of-a-kind.

It’s hard to imagine a fabric as ubiquitous as denim could be considered on-trend, but the latest collections from across the globe have made a strong case. But apparently no one’s perfected the use of the material more than designers in Tokyo. Motohiro Tanji proved that point by taking everyday looks to the next level. Redesigned denim pants combined ease and style, and when paired with twisted chunky knits, there was an overall look of casual avant-garde. Denim mastery was on full display at Mihara Yasuhiro Modified, too, featuring shredded denim outerwear, denim-on-denim looks to die for, and lots of Yasuhiro’s signature patchwork military attire. Thigh-high boots for the womenswear looks proved to be as trendy as ever, while the overall collection took the elements that have made brands like Vetements and Y/Project blow up and added a necessary dose of Japanese creativity.

Short and sweet, TFW is truly about the best of the best. There’s no denying how the beautiful Japanese culture informs modern designs. And with a mastery of some of the hottest trends of the moment as well as some of the most original designs on the planet, Tokyo Fashion Week is definitely one of the best events around.

Check out some of the top looks from Tokyo Fashion Week below!

All photos courtesy Vogue Runway

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