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There’s a lot to unpack in America today.

We could laugh off the fact that a bunch of unattractive, white trash losers took to the streets wielding tiki torches to complain about how they felt suppressed for being white. But what isn’t laughable is the fact that someone was murdered, several were injured, and worse yet, the leader of our country has essentially come out to condone and express support for the racist attacks of several neo-Nazis, klansman, and other hatemongers.

Like, really, it’s not surprising that the biggest, most infuriating joke of a human being supports this; these are the scum that got him into office in the first place. But the fact that there is no morality from the president of the United States, the fact that this is wholly supported by our government is for lack of a better word, extremely fucked up.

Racism is America’s original sin. There’s no more arguing or denying. And no, racism against white people is not a thing, no one is trying to wipe out or “replace” whites. A racist rally resulted in death and injury, and Donald Trump has essentially allowed these people to come out of hiding and commit these attacks in broad daylight.

With Phosphenes, we aim to promote diversity and dismantle racism and prejudice in the fashion industry, a realm that has its own fair share of issues with race. But we don’t live in a bubble, and these problems go far deeper than just in our field; everyone should get up and talk to their coworkers, family members, friends, and anyone else about why this shit needs to stop. Our government has always turned its back on people of color and other marginalized groups, and these people have been fighting for their right to survive for years. It’s time for others to take up the fight. This is on white people.

So what do we do? How do we change this?

White people, talk to other white people about the issues with racism, as well as behaviors and language that could perpetuate or condone racism. Don’t just talk, though, take to the streets and fight this injustice, and stand on the front lines alongside people of color; their fight should be all of our fight.

Donate to organizations like the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Sign petitions like this one, which urges major credit card companies to stop processing funds that can supply hate groups with materials. We’ll circle back ASAP when we can find the most reputable petition to get Trump out of office.

It’s time to stop pretending racism is gone. It’s still alive in well in America, even in 2017, and the current federal government clearly seems to support and approve of it. Compliance or being silent in these situations is just as bad as siding with the oppressors; white people, it’s time for us to stop valuing comfort and convenience over the literal lives of our black and brown counterparts. It’s time to use our white privilege to end white supremacy once and for all.

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