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by Athanasia Efthimiu

Photography by Colleen Mescole

When someone asks a question about The Skins, a single-word answer will never do. Because when it comes to the band’s genre, style, and influences, you’re met with a web of complexities that makes this act truly unique.


With members of all different gender identities, skin tones, sexualities, and musical inspirations, each brings their own ingredients into the mix to create a recipe for greatness. Lead Singer Bayli’s powerful pipes soar over the rhythms and raps of bassist Kaya, drummer Reef, and guitarists Daisy and Russ. Their fluidity and diversity is a reflection of the city they call home: New York City.

After working with powerhouse producer Rick Ruben, the Skins released their long-awaited EP Still Sleep in 2016. The single “Bury Me” (featuring DRAM) was stuck in the heads of everyone who heard it, and The Skins are already back in the studio to concoct more head-banging and hip-moving hits. The Skins is experimental at its core, starting with a classic Rock & Roll foundation and mixing in elements from R&B, hip hop, dance, and pop. With no genre constrictions to hold them back, their possibilities are endless.

Their music’s infectious energy truly comes to life when you see them in person—they have unparalleled performance power, moving even the shyest person to thrash and throw their hands in the air. Get the full experience of the Skins at their next live show.

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