Until Sunrise

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Sort of a continuation of the theme of “Nocturne,” this spread shows some moments from my birthday weekend earlier this month in New York. The nightlife photos are from Le Bain and EVR NYC, and the skyline photos are from a friend’s apartment in Brooklyn. All of the photos are by Jackie Robertson. Enjoy!

Brooklyn, 7am

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until sunrise2

Image by Jackie Robertson

Boston, 6pm

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Image via my Instagram

New York, 7pm

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Image via my Instagram

New York, 6am

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Taken from “Nocturne”

Images by Jackie Robertson

Miami, 3am

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Taken from “Unwind.”

Image by Jackie Robertson

Boston, 9pm

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Not every series of photographs has to be an editorial spread. I would love to plan and shoot tons of editorials, but an extensive wardrobe or multifaceted set doesn’t always coincide with an exciting burst of creativity. Sometimes it’s all about getting a few great images.

I decided to show some photos that might not be accompanied by several others in the typical format of an editorial spread. While I hope to get the chance to put together more of those very soon, I’ll be sharing individual images noted only by location and time.

The photos below are from a studio shoot back in October, taken in Boston around 9pm (as noted in the title).


tt1 tt2
Images by Toan Trinh


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I’m really not sure why I didn’t post these photos earlier. After the last night of weekend one of Ultra Music Festival back in March, we had a quick photo shoot on South Beach in Miami. Check out this spread, called “Unwind.”

unwind1 unwind2 unwind3 unwind4 unwind5 unwind67

photos by Jackie Robertson


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This is probably the most exciting post I’ve published so far. After a long night of partying in New York a couple weeks ago, my friends and I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. I’m honestly really proud of the end result. This project involved myself and my two best friends, Mimi, whose previous modeling experience definitely shows, and Jackie, who is an unbelievably great photographer. All of the images were shot by Jackie, and the nightlife shots are from Riff Raff’s and Le Baron. There is no hair and make up or wardrobe for this piece (though if you want to know, I’m wearing a t-shirt by Givenchy, leather pants from Kenneth Cole Collection, and vintage boots). I want to keep doing projects like this, as there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a random burst of creativity come together for something so interesting. Expect to see more of these types of spreads in the near future, but until then, I hope you enjoy “Nocturne!”


Throwback Thursday

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I think all of my Throwback Thursday posts have been about Vogue Italia editorials, but in my defense, the magazine has some of the most stunning fashion spreads ever. Yet another wildly themed piece, “Supermodels Enter Rehab” from the July 2007 issue contains some of the most captivating images in fashion history.

The spread plays off the frenzy of celebrity activities like Britney Spears’ head shaving, Paris Hilton’s crotch flashes, and essentially Lindsay Lohan’s entire life, showing raw emotions juxtaposed with high fashion garments. Shot by Steven Meisel, it stars Agyness Deyn, Denisa Dvorakova, Guinevere van Seenus, Irina Kulikova, Iselin Steiro, Lara Stone, Masha Tyelna, Missy Rayder, Sasha Pivovarova, Tasha Tilberg, and more.

Check it out!

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