Doing it All Wrong

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You may remember the somewhat problematic spring 2016 ready-to-wear show that Valentino staged. Drawing inspiration from Africa, designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli stated that “the message is tolerance. And the beauty that comes out of cross-cultural expression.” Unfortunately, that got lost in translation, as things got kind of screwed up when it all came to fruition; out of about 90 looks, only 10 were featured on black models, while everyone (including all of the nonblack models) got cornrow hairstyles. If you need more clarification as to why this is an issue, Africa is predominantly made up of black people, and cornrows are a traditionally black hairstyle. So if the team at Valentino wanted to represent Africa, they should’ve at least tried to show their collection on people slightly reminiscent of the majority of those in Africa.

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Starman Forever

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There’s no denying the massive impact of the legend that is David Bowie, transcending beyond rock superstardom to influence art, culture, film, and fashion. Serving as an endless source of inspiration, the master of reinvention captivated the world from his breakout Space Oddity. From there, he instilled an appreciation for androgyny, noted for his eccentric, glam, otherworldly presence during the Ziggy Stardust era. His creative edge continued throughout the entirety of his career, bringing the unusual to the mainstream. We could write a dissertation on the immeasurable effect David Bowie has had on us, as well as countless others over time, whether through image or sound or aesthetic or attitude. But instead, we can simply show our gratitude. Thank you, Mr. Bowie, for showing the importance of individuality and the power of unconventionality. But most importantly, thank you for not just keeping your head in the clouds, rather amongst the stars. Rest in space.

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2015: The Year in Review

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Time really flies; it’s hard to believe that 2015 is already coming to a close. And while it sort of feels like everything happened too fast to even process anything, there’s no denying a few major moments that went down in the world of fashion and beyond. The events themselves – from designer switch-ups and new faces to music and celebrity moments – may have been less than monumental. However, the conversations started on topics like gender identity, age, race, and the pace of the industry provided us with a framework of consciousness to be carried into 2016. Unless there’s another groundbreaking moment within the final week of 2015, it’s safe to bring this one to a close.

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A Problem Worth Solving

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Fashion Month just concluded, and according to Business of Fashion, out of the 3,875 model bookings only 797 were models of color. This means about 79.4% of the models who walked in the recent shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris were white. Only 10.2% were black, 6.5% were Asian, 2.3% were of South Asian, Indian, and/or Middle Eastern descent, and just 1.6% were Hispanic or Latina. Though technically an improvement, there is only a three percentage point difference from the spring 2015 ready-to-wear shows a year ago. And whitewashed runways lead to whitewashed editorials and ad campaigns; out of the 611 covers published by the 44 biggest magazines in fashion in 2014, just 18% featured people of color, while about 90% of advertisements featured white models.

We’re going to drop the objective journalistic act for a second and say that this is bullshit.

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What M3LL155X Means

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In case you didn’t know by now, FKA twigs is an artist who does things her own way. That’s certainly the case with her latest audio-visual epic, M3LL155X (pronounced “Melissa”), an expression of her “personal female energy.” Entirely self-directed, the aesthetics are what initially stand out. Fashion muse Michèle Lamy is the first face we see, wearing her go-to heavy jewels, tattooed and dyed fingertips, gold teeth, and even a fluorescent lightbulb on her head. Lamy’s stunning cameo is subsequently followed by twigs as an inflatable sex doll, a solid amount of pregnancy, some hardcore vogueing, and of course, lots of killer fashion. And while viewers would certainly raise an eyebrow at just about all of the visuals in the short film, we should ask ourselves, what does it all mean?

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Shehryar Aziz - "Racism Burnin'"

The Biggest Problem

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We unfortunately have to accept that we can’t wholly address this issue with just one article, and that we can’t completely decipher or even entirely address it all at once. But we can start by stating the obvious: racism is ravaging our society.

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We often tend to misinterpret the differences between gender and biological sex; gender is not intrinsic, but something acquired and learned, something we do and perform. And in our culture, gender is constructed as a binary, where masculinity and femininity are placed as polar opposites. So how does fashion fit into this?

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Size Me Up, Size Me Down

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There’s a lot to be discussed when it comes to models’ sizes, and we can start by looking at the recently released Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Of course, the traditional archetype for Sports Illustrated is just as thin as any sample-size runway model, but many are commending the publication for running ads for swimwear label swimsuitsforall featuring size-16 model, Ashley Graham. There’s no denying the progress being made by finally showing the world something other than the traditional imagery we’re given, and Graham looks fantastic. But there’s one thing we can’t help but ask: why do full-figured models have to be represented almost exclusively in a sexual context?

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A New Men’s Mag

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When you think about objectifying publications, Maxim would probably be at the top of your list. Referred to by many as the frat-house favorite, Maxim has been known to focus on swimwear, hyper-sexuality, and the hottest female celebrities. But that may be about to change, as the new editor, Kate Lanphear is implementing an entire rebranding strategy. And although men’s fashion is new for both Lanphear and Maxim (there haven’t been too many style pages between all the semi-nude female photos), this new position is poised to bring a major change to men’s magazines.

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