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Princess Nokia’s New York

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New York City’s latest it-girl and hip hop’s newest darling, Princess Nokia (née Destiny Frasqueri) is back with another new release. With her double feature for “Bart Simpson” and “Green Line,” the rapper further pays homage to the Big Apple.

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Despite perhaps the messiest album rollout of all time, the queen is back. Rihanna’s first album in over three years – subject to countless delays – features none of the singles she released in 2015, rather all new material and an almost entirely new direction. And the album, which she finally dropped on January 28, might be Rih’s boldest move yet.

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Bringing Sybilla Back

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For many people, the name Sybilla doesn’t ring a bell. This is kind of surprising, considering the designer is arguably one of the biggest things in Spanish fashion since Cristobal Balenciaga. Sybilla launched her label in 1983, but after fashion began to move at a rate that she felt she couldn’t keep up with, she left the industry in 2005. It’s admirable to say the least; we’ve seen countless examples of designers succumbing to the pressure of commercial demand in relation to their own creative expression. Meanwhile, Sybilla’s been giving back since her departure from fashion, developing agricultural projects and opening a school in Majorca in order to offer solutions to some of today’s more pressing issues.

But now Sybilla’s back, and she’s bringing the highlights of her brand along with her.

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CR Fashion Book

The Faces of the Season

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The spring 2016 ready-to-wear shows have just concluded, and with each season comes a brand new crop of fresh faces. Sure, the industry is still a bit behind in terms of diversity, making for less than interesting castings across the board. However, there were a few positives that stood out. On one hand, newcomers who debuted last season, at the resort 2016 shows, and at the fall 2015 haute couture shows really shined; Lineisy Montero walked more shows than anyone else, while girls like Karly Loyce, Amilna Estevão, Pooja Mor, and Aamito Lagum also racked up some seriously impressive résumés this season. With the exciting success of these fascinating models transcending more than just one season, they’ve paved the way for even more captivating beauty during the latest show circuit. Cue the latest group that really broke through this season, some with previous modeling experience, others who took their first steps on the runway at the start of Fashion Month.

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AfroPunk 2015

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What M3LL155X Means

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In case you didn’t know by now, FKA twigs is an artist who does things her own way. That’s certainly the case with her latest audio-visual epic, M3LL155X (pronounced “Melissa”), an expression of her “personal female energy.” Entirely self-directed, the aesthetics are what initially stand out. Fashion muse Michèle Lamy is the first face we see, wearing her go-to heavy jewels, tattooed and dyed fingertips, gold teeth, and even a fluorescent lightbulb on her head. Lamy’s stunning cameo is subsequently followed by twigs as an inflatable sex doll, a solid amount of pregnancy, some hardcore vogueing, and of course, lots of killer fashion. And while viewers would certainly raise an eyebrow at just about all of the visuals in the short film, we should ask ourselves, what does it all mean?

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The Ones to Watch

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Every season, countless new faces come down the runways, pop up in ads and editorials, or make other noteworthy appearances that get the fashion world talking. Unfortunately with the fast pace of the modeling world, the majority of those new faces seem to be forgettable, bland, or whitewashed. But there are always exceptions, and exceptions are often where the magic happens. Here’s our selection of some of the most captivating faces of the moment:

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Guys, can we talk about one of the most epic videos ever? Our favorite badgal is back, and she’s not fucking around. Just like every other single that the singer (apparently now trap artist?) puts out, we all fell in love with Rihanna’s bumping new track when it first debuted a couple months back. And now the infectious tune seems even better, bolstered by something of a short film directed by the star herself. It’s sexual, it’s violent, it’s over-the-top, and it’s kind of everything.

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Size Me Up, Size Me Down

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There’s a lot to be discussed when it comes to models’ sizes, and we can start by looking at the recently released Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Of course, the traditional archetype for Sports Illustrated is just as thin as any sample-size runway model, but many are commending the publication for running ads for swimwear label swimsuitsforall featuring size-16 model, Ashley Graham. There’s no denying the progress being made by finally showing the world something other than the traditional imagery we’re given, and Graham looks fantastic. But there’s one thing we can’t help but ask: why do full-figured models have to be represented almost exclusively in a sexual context?

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From Puberty to Prada

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In recent years, there have been major improvements in terms of age regulations within the modeling industry. However, the discussion of age in fashion has almost completely gone silent, even though there are still several girls entering this chaotic lifestyle at a very young age. 


At 14, Jane* was told that she could be a star. An enthusiastic talent agent scouted her in a crowded New York City Starbucks on a warm summer afternoon, and she signed with the Ford Modeling Agency less than a month later.

“I felt like I was Cinderella,” Jane says about her initial experience as a fashion model. “Complete with the beautiful slippers.”

However, Jane soon realized that her new career came with an abundance of pressure, and she began to witness the harsh reality of the fashion industry. “I saw a lot of the girls around me change themselves to please clients,” she says. “Most of the girls I worked with were just teenagers, and they were definitely taken advantage of and manipulated to fit in.”

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