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Valentino RTW Spring 2018


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With each season comes a new wave of trends. Whether a practical upgrade on regular wardrobe staples or a more over-the-top direction, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable fashion fads from the Spring / Summer 2018 shows.


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Maybe it’s the impending Election Day (thank God that’s almost over), or maybe it’s the upcoming release of Phosphenes #2 – “Americana,” but we’ve got America on the mind. If you’re heading to the polls, which you very well should be, or if you’re just feeling a little patriotic in the wake of one of the wildest years this country has seen in recent history, now’s the time to whip out your best all-American ensemble. Whether a subtle nod to your patriotic side or an endearingly obnoxious show of American pride, there’s plenty of fashion to get you in the spirit. Check out some of the looks below and get inspired by the current American zeitgeist, and make sure to both vote on November 8th and stay tuned for Phosphenes #2 – “Americana” later this month.

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The Presidential Look

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Although Republican presidential nominee (LOL!) Donald Trump once said, “she doesn’t have the look” (or was is “stamina?”) in regards to his competitor, Secretary Hillary Clinton, we beg to differ. Whether or not you’re #withher, it’s hard to deny that HRC has the potential to pull some seriously stellar looks. And if there’s one thing she’s mastered, it’s tailoring, whether in a more formal sense, a more professional setting, or even as an upgrade to an otherwise casual ensemble. Many of us are feeling pretty inspired by our possible first female president, especially sartorially. So check out some presidential looks we threw together for you to try at home. Who knows, maybe we could even see Hillary Clinton herself in a couple of these outfits (hey, girl!).

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Ready or not, here the holidays come!

We know, picking out gifts for your loved ones is a daunting task, with so many different tastes and styles for each person on your list. That’s where our Holiday Gift Guide comes in. You’ll be sure to find something to please everyone this holiday season, from the edgy, modern guy you love to the fun-loving free spirit, your luxury-obsessed man or your classically elegant mother. Who wouldn’t love some opulent jewels, chic attire, or luxury cosmetics? Meanwhile, it’s hard to go wrong with an inventive stocking-stuffer, from candles to stationery, chocolates to tech gear, and much, much more. Loved by men and women alike, with the potential to appeal to just about everyone in your life, sometimes those unexpected, miscellaneous items make the best gifts possible.

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The Big Chill

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Although the weather patterns have been pretty weird this year, there’s no denying that the temperatures are going to start dropping fast. However, procrastination is human nature, and it’s likely that a lot of us have yet to get our cold weather gear.

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The Spring 2016 Trend Report

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We’re still catching up on all the latest from the world’s top designers, and spring 2016 is looking bright. And although many labels opted for pieces that transcend seasonal limitations, there’s no denying certain trends that always emerge. From sleepwear to ruffles, tie dye to pink, check out what’s hot for spring 2016.

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Photo Courtesy Vogue

Orange You Glad?

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Sorry for the corny title, but who’s excited about these new colors? For the first time in three years, the Pantone Institute unveiled 210 new shades the other day, primarily in the orange category. Sure, some of them might be a little too specific to identify, like Dragon Fire or Mango Mojito. But there’s no denying that we’ve been seeing plenty of this hue in a slew of designers’ latest collections; from the fall 2015 ready-to-wear and haute couture, resort 2016, and even the recent spring 2016 menswear shows, this particular shade’s been thrown around left and right. And we hardly doubt that’ll change when the spring 2016 ready-to-wear show circuit launches in just a few weeks. Sure, outside of the fashion world, fall is quickly creeping up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to make your wardrobe any less vibrant. It seems like orange really is the new black after all.

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Photo: Tommy Ton

Bundle Up!

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Whether you like it or not, it’s cold, and it’s only getting colder from here. With the rapidly dropping temperature, snowfall has already started pulverizing several regions. Time to break out your puffy winter jacket, Ugg boots, and ski pants, right? Wrong.

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Photo: Alexander Wang for H&M

Wang for Days

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After the announcement of Alexander Wang’s H&M collaboration earlier this year, customers have been anxiously anticipating a preview of the coveted capsule collection. Well, now all of the looks are here, including tons of neoprene, utilitarian winter outerwear, and items garnished with a bold “WANG” logo. There were some great bags and shoes, too, like those slide-on sandals, leather high-top sneakers, and leather backpacks. And let’s not forget about the accessories. Bringing a few things from his “items” collection to the masses, Wang threw in the towel…literally. He also threw in a pair of goggles, a water bottle, a trophy, boxing gloves, keychains, and a whistle ring (because why not?).

The collection epitomizes Wang’s minimal, sporty aesthetic, providing tons of timelessly stylish pieces; we’re putting virtually every single thing on our wish list, to be honest. And while a lot of these items would make great investment pieces, there’s no need to shell out all of your money. In the event that you somehow forgot about H&M’s remarkable prices, you’d be pleasantly surprised to find out that many of these pieces come in below the $400 mark.

Every H&M designer collaboration is kind of a big deal, with customers lining up hours before store openings to get their hands on these pieces before they run out. Meanwhile, Alexander Wang is undoubtedly one of the biggest contemporary labels of the moment. The New York-based designer’s mass following expands well-beyond the realms of the high fashion niche. In other words, it wouldn’t be surprising if the release of this collection resulted in utter pandemonium. We’d definitely recommend reading up on some tips for shopping an H&M designer collaboration, especially this one. And in case your calendars aren’t already marked (which they definitely should be by now), Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M will be available at select H&M stores and at on November 6.

Check out the full Alexander Wang x H&M lookbook below!

Photos courtesy H&M


Back At It: The Key Pieces for Fall

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Whether you like it or not, fall is right around the corner. Yes, the warm weather will really be done soon, and we’ll all be back at school, work, and our typical routines even sooner. But who says that has to be a bad thing?

Everyone loves back-to-school shopping. And even if you’ve got your degree, you’re not exempt from the excitement of a fresh new wardrobe. You’ve already seen the hottest trends for fall 2014 and which pieces to buy for said trends, so now it’s time to focus on the specifics. Sure, a lot of your fall wish list might seem like a no-brainer, but it never hurts to revisit an old classic with a whole new twist. From your new it-jacket to statement accessories, a killer pair of kicks to the bag of your dreams, here are the top 10 key pieces for both girls and guys to snatch up this fall.




Photo courtesy Por Homme

Photo courtesy Por Homme

What would fall be without some new outerwear, specifically a freshened up bomber jacket? Part military-inspired, somewhat sporty, and 100% stylish, the bomber adds the perfect touch of laid-back cool to any look. Whether you choose an ultra-trendy shearling number or even a fun, printed variation, don’t opt for another denim jacket or basic hoodie this fall.





Photo courtesy Elle

Photo courtesy Elle

For all the students heading back to classes this fall, you’re going to need the right device to carry all of your books, stationery, and other academic essentials. One of the greatest things about everyone’s current streetwear obsession is the popularity of backpacks, which are way more useful than just a tote. A backpack’s not your style? No worries, there are plenty of other bags that are both useful and stylish, making your life easier and your ensemble more presentable this fall.






Photo courtest anacroswell

Photo courtesy Ana Croswell

Whoever said that you can’t wear white after labor day is a potential psychopath. So, take that psycho away in a crisp, clean piece of white outerwear. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a coat; a cool jacket will suffice, too. Sure, it’s a little risky to invest in something white, as there’s always bound to be some food, drinks, or other elements ready to ruin your new purchase. But as long as you’re careful, you’ll be the proud owner of some white-hot cool weather attire.





Photo courtesy Tom & Lorenzo

Photo courtesy Tom & Lorenzo

When people get excited to break out their fall gear, it’s almost impossible to forget about boots. Sturdy combat boots are always a go-to, while many opt for a more sleek, minimal chelsea boot. And when it comes to eveningwear, ladies love the highest pair possible. There seems to be an unlimited amount of boots, all just as desirable as the next. Choose wisely.


Photo courtesy Chanel

Photo courtesy Chanel

Yes, it’s kind of like overkill to keep talking about how big sportswear has been lately; you know it by now. And of course, this isn’t going to change come fall, so it’s time to ditch the pair of sneakers that you’ve been wearing all spring and summer. This time around, you don’t necessarily have to be super trendy. Instead, find a pair of kicks that will last you through all of the wild weather and beyond. Just like boots, there’s millions of pairs to choose from. But whatever you go with, just be happy that comfortable footwear is still in.




Photo courtesy Elle

Photo courtesy Elle

No, this isn’t the ugly Christmas sweater that your grandma made for you. It’s time to up the ante when it comes to your knitwear, especially since it’s already poised to be one of this season’s top trends. Whether you’re going for a sweater dress or a sharp turtleneck, you’ve got to have a killer sweater this season, period.




Photo courtesy Hypebeast

Photo courtesy Hypebeast

Come on, you didn’t think we would forget about leather, did you? You can’t face fall without some new leather goods. A biker jacket is always an essential, though it never hurts to invest in a simplified version. Don’t think that jackets are the only pieces of the material we’re talking about, though. Leather pants are very much a thing, as well as skirts, shirts, accessories, and virtually anything else. Go ahead, dive into the supple material this fall.






Feature photo by Sharif Hamza for VMAN


Tell us your favorite seasonal essentials and what you’ll be buying this fall!