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2015: The Year in Review

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Time really flies; it’s hard to believe that 2015 is already coming to a close. And while it sort of feels like everything happened too fast to even process anything, there’s no denying a few major moments that went down in the world of fashion and beyond. The events themselves – from designer switch-ups and new faces to music and celebrity moments – may have been less than monumental. However, the conversations started on topics like gender identity, age, race, and the pace of the industry provided us with a framework of consciousness to be carried into 2016. Unless there’s another groundbreaking moment within the final week of 2015, it’s safe to bring this one to a close.

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Photo: Gwen Stefani

Just Say Gwen

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Photo: Gwen Stefani

Photo: Gwen Stefani

After rumors swirling for months about a third solo album from No Doubt front-woman Gwen Stefani, it looks like we’ve finally got an answer. The singer, songwriterand L.A.M.B. designer (among other things) may still be working with her longtime bandmates on some new projects, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t save herself some “me-time.” Case in point: her new single, “Baby Don’t Lie.”

Following in the footsteps of her past endeavors, Gwen’s first solo track in eight years stays true to irresistibly catchy beats and infectious hooks, throwing her bubbly voice into an endearing loop. The song was co-written by producers Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder, and Noel Zancanella, and it alludes to what we could potentially expect from a full release. Although there hasn’t been much more concrete information about the album yet, rumor has it that Stefani will be working with her go-to partner and fellow coach on The Voice, Pharrell Williams on a lot of the pieces. Meanwhile, if “Baby Don’t Lie” is any indicator, we can expect more depth and prevalence than even some of her most ubiquitous works (we’re looking at you, “Hollaback Girl”).

Another majorly exciting thing about a full-fledged Gwen Stefani comeback is all of the videos that will accompany her viral hits; if Gwen excels at anything (aside from what she’s already got), it’s looking damn good virtually all the time. And let’s not forget about all the magazine covers and spreads, event appearances, performances, and other moments for this style icon to shine through.

But it is all about the music after all, and there’s no doubt that Gwen’s upcoming projects will be just as sick as she’s been for the past 45 years of her existence.

Listen to “Baby Don’t Lie” below, and share your thoughts on the new single!:

Happy Birthday to Me

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It’s my birthday!

Every year I reflect on the past years and what’s to come, and I’ll definitely say that I’m extremely excited for the future. I’ll be spending today celebrating with my closest friends, and I’ll be in New York for the rest of the weekend. There will definitely be some more exciting projects coming out of the weekend in New York, so stay tuned for some updates on that and all of the birthday festivities! Here’s to another year and all of the great things in the future!


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Hello and welcome to des phosphènes!! I’m pretty excited to start blogging and hopefully improve with each post. There are a lot of things I hope to do with this, so it’s going to take a little time to get it all organized and productive (it doesn’t help that I’m writing this at almost 4am and this week is teeming with exams and assignments and other things I hate). For now, feel free to get to know a little about me in the About section of the blog, and Contact me if you’ve got some cool ideas/suggestions to get this blog rolling or if you’d like to collaborate or something. Thanks!