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by Israel Mejia

Photography by Diego Bendezu | Fashion by Scott Shapiro

Meeting Jonathon Ng, the multifaceted artist behind EDEN, is a quiet experience. The Dublin based singer-songwriter was in town to promote the upcoming release of his debut album vertigo and seemed pretty calm for a fresh faced twenty-two year-old who would soon be embarking on an almost sold-out world tour this coming spring. It’s not necessarily a surprise that the composer behind songs such as drugs and sex, singles off of his 2016 EP i think you think too much of me, would present himself as stoic and self-controlled. He would go on to explain that growing up, he always welcomed surprises. His willingness to “roll with the tide,” as he puts it, should explain how his career in music came to be. Talking to Jonathon you get a sense that besides lyrically composing deep and thoughtful messages, he is in a sense an old soul. We sat down on a chilly winter afternoon to talk about his creative process and new album, vertigo.

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