Art x Fashion

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Nothing feels better than being surrounded by some of the most creative and inspirational friends. For example, my friend Taylor has recently created a few exciting images for her successful fashion blog. Art and fashion have always informed each other, as high fashion has essentially become an art form. Her project definitely plays off of that theme, placing unique runway looks in the setting of some of the finest paintings. I’ll definitely be sharing more of these images when Taylor continues this series. But for now, check out the great work she’s done so far and don’t forget to stop by her blog!

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Fashion in Motion

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“Moda,” Vogue Italia March 2013 by Gordon von Steiner

In today’s world, an ad campaign or editorial isn’t limited to just a series of photos. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really into the idea of fashion films, especially the pieces done by Prada, Vogue Italia, and more. But it’s important to mention that these aren’t commercials. If anything, they’re the exact opposite, presenting edgier and more provocative visions.

Just like commercials, these short films are meant to sell the products. However, these often feature more depth and creativity. The designs come to life, with each detail unraveling itself for the viewers. Meanwhile, the models’ captivating stares from the photos are enhanced with movement and energy, and they instantly transform into actors and actresses.

What appeals to me the most about fashion films is how they represent the future of fashion and a new generation as a whole. These films add character to the products being showcased, and they show a new dimension to the creative process of an advertisement or editorial. I still love editorial spreads, and I’m an avid supporter of print magazines. But when paired with music and motion, a little bit of magic is added to the fashion.

“Face the Future,” Vogue Italia September 2012 by Gordon von Steiner

“Prom Night,” Vogue Italia April 2012 by Michael Saint-Onge