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Ready or not, here the holidays come!

We know, picking out gifts for your loved ones is a daunting task, with so many different tastes and styles for each person on your list. That’s where our Holiday Gift Guide comes in. You’ll be sure to find something to please everyone this holiday season, from the edgy, modern guy you love to the fun-loving free spirit, your luxury-obsessed man or your classically elegant mother. Who wouldn’t love some opulent jewels, chic attire, or luxury cosmetics? Meanwhile, it’s hard to go wrong with an inventive stocking-stuffer, from candles to stationery, chocolates to tech gear, and much, much more. Loved by men and women alike, with the potential to appeal to just about everyone in your life, sometimes those unexpected, miscellaneous items make the best gifts possible.

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The Holiday Gift Guide

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Although many people have probably gotten gifts for their loved ones somewhere in the Black Friday madness, there’s bound to be a few stragglers who haven’t quite figured out who’s getting what for the holidays. Nothing’s wrong with a little procrastination, but this year’s early Hanukkah has already passed, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are both just around the corner. Possibly the hardest part about shopping for the holidays is choosing the items. Cue Des Phosphènes’ 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, full of the top picks for every man and woman’s personal style.


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If you’re shopping for someone who prefers more classically masculine and feminine items with a fashion-forward twist, there are bound to be plenty of options. Maybe this person prefers a nice fur or a great pair of trousers, or maybe they would enjoy a timeless strand of pearls. Including everything from watches to baked goods, here are a few ideas for your slightly “dandy” GQ man or your traditionally elegant, luxury-loving lady. 

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Minimalism is all about clean and simple styles, often structured and always sleek. But don’t think plain black and white is all that does it. A minimalist has to pay sharp attention to detail to achieve his or her strikingly sharp look, whether through shapely shades or fuss-free footwear. It’s not likely that you’ll see many buckles or buttons in this selection, but the minimalist in your life will definitely thank you for it.

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Even with a punk rock, “no fucks given” attitude, everyone loves a little luxury, and there’s a reason rock ‘n’ roll style has long been taking the fashion industry by storm. Hedi Slimane’s range of studded leather pieces for Saint Laurent would definitely catch your favorite rocker’s eye, while there’s no doubt they wouldn’t love a new set of speakers or some jewels that pack a punch. A sharp, provocative fragrance could also be an adequate reflection of his or her persona. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options to have your favorite rebel rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

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Part hippie and part wild child, the Free Spirit is always bringing the good vibes. Why not share some of those vibes with him or her through creative prints or some new items to add life to the party? His or her youthful, fun-loving attitude would be truly grateful for any of these varied items.

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Feature photo and sketches by Scott Shapiro