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Vacation Wear

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Summer might be winding down, but there are definitely still a few weeks left to savor. And what better way to enjoy the remainder of summer than with a vacation? Maybe you’ve already got something planned, or maybe you’re more of the last-minute type. Regardless, refer to our top vacation destinations, book your flight, and most importantly, pack your bags. And if you’re struggling to figure out what exactly to pack, have no fear; here are just a few style suggestions for both men and women, a cohesive guide to help you curate the perfect wardrobe during your time off. Whether you’re heading to Baja, Greece, the Amalfi Coast, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, or elsewhere, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

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For years, the major menswear shows have been limited to London, Milan, and Paris, leading New York-based labels to either pick a different city or show during the biannual womenswear Fashion Weeks. But with the growth of the global men’s fashion market, the Big Apple began to broaden its horizons, and New York Fashion Week: Men’s finally came about for the first time this summer. Thanks to the CFDA, many could argue that New York’s menswear scene would officially be on-par with that of the other major fashion capitals, while the four-day event itself was buzzing with excitement and optimism (and of course, an abundance of street style hoopla, wild after parties, and other fanfare), even after the three-weeks of European menswear concluded last month. So, how did NYC measure up?

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Hood by Air Collection Spring Summer 2016 Menswear in Paris

The Boys of Summer

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The fall 2015 couture shows are trekking along in Paris, but the past few weeks were all about menswear. In London, Milan, and Paris, we got a taste of what’s to come for spring and summer 2016, and designers were giving yet another new twist to typical men’s fashion.

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We often tend to misinterpret the differences between gender and biological sex; gender is not intrinsic, but something acquired and learned, something we do and perform. And in our culture, gender is constructed as a binary, where masculinity and femininity are placed as polar opposites. So how does fashion fit into this?

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A New Men’s Mag

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When you think about objectifying publications, Maxim would probably be at the top of your list. Referred to by many as the frat-house favorite, Maxim has been known to focus on swimwear, hyper-sexuality, and the hottest female celebrities. But that may be about to change, as the new editor, Kate Lanphear is implementing an entire rebranding strategy. And although men’s fashion is new for both Lanphear and Maxim (there haven’t been too many style pages between all the semi-nude female photos), this new position is poised to bring a major change to men’s magazines.

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The Fall 2015 Menswear Review

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Fashion never slows down, especially not right now. As soon as the calendar changed to 2015, a frenzy of shows and presentations kicked off, from pre-fall to haute couture to ready-to-wear and more. But let’s not forget about menswear; the fall 2015 shows just wrapped up, and there’s a lot to talk about.

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The Nature of Nudity

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A Rick Owens fashion show is always a big deal, and his latest presentation for his fall 2015 menswear collection was no exception. Titled “Sphinx,” the range included extreme length and dramatic silhouettes aplenty, while studded leather tunics and experimental cuts also had their time to shine. A series of peacoats – though crafted and detailed at a couture-like standard – were more direct than almost anything Owens has ever presented. But that wasn’t the series of items that got the most attention.

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Lift Off

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Holiday Dressing

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The tree is up, the menorah is ready. You’ve got gifts for all of your loved ones, and plans on plans on plans. But then there’s the crucial, ubiquitous problem: what are you going to wear?

Probably the best aspect of the holiday season is all of the parties. And whether you’re going big and formal or just hanging out with friends and family, you’ll need to look your best while staying festive. Maybe it all lies in a fun, seasonably appropriate color scheme, or maybe you opt for sparkles, shine, and other lively elements for your ensembles. Whatever the occasion, check out some holiday outfit ideas for ladies and gents here!

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