Au Revoir

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After an amazing experience in Paris, our time has come to a close. Of course, leaving such a beautiful, historical, inspirational and iconic city is heartbreaking, but Des Phosphènes wouldn’t be half as developed as it’s become if this incredible experience hadn’t taken place.

On a professional level, the inevitable involvement in the world’s most elite fashion industry has opened several doors. The initial introduction to the beautiful chaos that is Paris Fashion Week provided the knowledge and motivation that allowed our firsthand coverage of the fall 2014 menswear shows. Meanwhile, the stunning scenery that makes up every inch of the City of Lights helped create the Paris Editorial Series, which consisted of several projects that became defining elements of this site. Though we didn’t necessarily skyrocket to the top of the fashion industry, thanks to Paris, there has been more progress than ever before.

Never before have I fallen so deeply in love with a city, and I’m extremely thankful for all that Paris has given me. Although I’ve already commented on how much Paris has touched me, nothing could ever adequately explain how magical this city truly is. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to return to this dreamlike experience.

Paris, je t’aime et à bientôt!

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All photos in this article by Scott Shapiro