The On-Trend Shoes You Need for 2016

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It’s 2016 and that means a new season is upon us. That’s as good an excuse as any to splurge for some new shoes (like you need a reason). These are a few of the hottest styles from the end of last year and a couple fresh ones that you should be rocking in ’16.

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Nike Air Max Lunar1, $130 from

Sneak Attack

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We’ve talked about it more than a lot, so you already know that sportswear is hands down THE hottest trend of the moment. And this makes a good pair of sneakers beyond essential. Sure, you could throw on your old running shoes that you’ve had forever in an attempt to channel “normcore.” Don’t, though; a better option would probably be to find your dream shoe. Getting that “it-kick” can be a bit of a pain in the ass, and it’s not always worth the hefty price tag. However, there are plenty of pairs that you wouldn’t regret, versatile enough to be worn from your morning run through your night out (yes, really).

So, what exactly makes a “good sneaker?”

Unfortunately, fashion with function doesn’t always equate to a lower pricepoint. Yet superb materials and immaculate construction are just a couple benefits, and a heavy dose of style will appropriately thrust you into the omnipresent sporty obsession. Sticking to classics like Converse Chuck Taylor’s is always a good idea, that specific style looking just as good as a black high-top as it does low and white. Speaking of go-to sports brands, names like Nike and Adidas never disappoint. Of course, a pair of the latter’s classic “Superstars” are just as acceptable as a version from their collaborative efforts with Raf Simons and Rick Owens. And don’t think those are the only high-end labels getting in the game. Givenchy and Maison Martin Margiela provide a few fantastic options, too. Even fast-fashion brands like Zara offer some great selections. And the best part? A lot of these kicks would be equally awesome on guys and girls. Did we use the word “versatile” yet?

Neutral colors are usually a good idea, as with most purchases, but why not have some fun? Add a little color and maybe even a pattern; you deserve it after a good workout. Oh, and if all else fails, you can just print your favorite Instagram snapshot onto a pair.

Check out some of the hottest and most versatile sneakers below!