The Presidential Look

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Although Republican presidential nominee (LOL!) Donald Trump once said, “she doesn’t have the look” (or was is “stamina?”) in regards to his competitor, Secretary Hillary Clinton, we beg to differ. Whether or not you’re #withher, it’s hard to deny that HRC has the potential to pull some seriously stellar looks. And if there’s one thing she’s mastered, it’s tailoring, whether in a more formal sense, a more professional setting, or even as an upgrade to an otherwise casual ensemble. Many of us are feeling pretty inspired by our possible first female president, especially sartorially. So check out some presidential looks we threw together for you to try at home. Who knows, maybe we could even see Hillary Clinton herself in a couple of these outfits (hey, girl!).

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Ready or not, here the holidays come!

We know, picking out gifts for your loved ones is a daunting task, with so many different tastes and styles for each person on your list. That’s where our Holiday Gift Guide comes in. You’ll be sure to find something to please everyone this holiday season, from the edgy, modern guy you love to the fun-loving free spirit, your luxury-obsessed man or your classically elegant mother. Who wouldn’t love some opulent jewels, chic attire, or luxury cosmetics? Meanwhile, it’s hard to go wrong with an inventive stocking-stuffer, from candles to stationery, chocolates to tech gear, and much, much more. Loved by men and women alike, with the potential to appeal to just about everyone in your life, sometimes those unexpected, miscellaneous items make the best gifts possible.

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The Big Chill

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Although the weather patterns have been pretty weird this year, there’s no denying that the temperatures are going to start dropping fast. However, procrastination is human nature, and it’s likely that a lot of us have yet to get our cold weather gear.

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Photo: Tommy Ton

Bundle Up!

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Whether you like it or not, it’s cold, and it’s only getting colder from here. With the rapidly dropping temperature, snowfall has already started pulverizing several regions. Time to break out your puffy winter jacket, Ugg boots, and ski pants, right? Wrong.

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Shop the Trends

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Let’s be real, we’re in kind of a confusing point in fashion; the spring 2015 menswear shows only recently wrapped up, and the industry is currently in preparation for next season’s women’s fashion. Meanwhile, retailers are clearing out their current pieces from spring 2014. But regardless of all the things pulling our attention in different directions, the fall 2014 collections are finally upon us. Yes, it’s still hot out, and you could probably sweat just thinking about putting on a new leather jacket or shearling coat. However, the temperatures will be dropping before you know it. Not only do you want to be prepared for the cooler weather, but you want to be stylish while doing so. While trends shouldn’t completely dictate your wardrobe, they’ll definitely serve as useful guidelines when it comes to your fall shopping trip. Here are some of the fall’s top trends for both menswear and womenswear and the best items to match.




When it comes to fall and winter, every guy needs to step up his suit game. And it shouldn’t be too hard, as classic tailoring is quintessential in a fall/winter men’s collection. But sharp tailoring isn’t just for the guys; these days, sleek blazers and matching trousers look just as nice on ladies. Meanwhile, coats, dresses, shirts, and skirts can be given a spruced-up, professional twist. Whether office attire or eveningwear, there’s plenty to choose from in terms of structure and elegance, all of which can outlast a single season.


The swinging 60s always make a comeback every now and then, but for fall 2014, this return seems stronger than ever. With festive colors and patterns on otherwise simple silhouettes, there are plenty of fun sweaters, dresses, and other items at your disposal. These pieces go exceptionally well with simple shoes and accessories, by the way.


Shearling could seem like a bit of an obvious trend for the fall/winter season, probably because it’s a truly timeless staple. However, these pieces are anything but basic. In more colors and textures than you could imagine, shearling makes its typical appearance on outerwear and shoes, though it also pops up on bags and other accessories. Bundling up for fall can kind of suck sometimes. Not with these chic shearlings.


Another cliché for fall, knitwear was also redone in a variety of inventive ways for fall 2014, because designers know that no one wants just a boring sweater. Sure, traditional knits were aplenty. But for those who crave a little more pizzazz, there were sweater dresses, capes, and more. Some labels even churned out some unexpected items – like pleated skirts or men’s shirts – in knitwear form. Looks like it’s time to throw away your ugly Christmas sweater.


Some might say “gypsy” or “boho,” but we’re calling it as we see it: designers are getting a lot of random influences from all across the globe. The end result shows furs and textures alongside animal prints and other patterns. Layering is key for fall and winter, so if you’re going to do it, then why not pile on a variety of influences? Go ahead, tap into your wanderlust this fall, and be sure to enjoy the journey.


Streetwear and sportswear were just as present in the fall collections as everywhere else they’ve popped up in the past year. Meanwhile, some designers were getting a little excited this season, meshing rave-appropriate attire with these urban elements. Wild hues and prints appeared on everything from sneakers to parkas and more. A bit over-the-top at times? Maybe. But one’s thing’s for sure: fall 2014 is about to be party time.

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The Holiday Gift Guide

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Although many people have probably gotten gifts for their loved ones somewhere in the Black Friday madness, there’s bound to be a few stragglers who haven’t quite figured out who’s getting what for the holidays. Nothing’s wrong with a little procrastination, but this year’s early Hanukkah has already passed, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are both just around the corner. Possibly the hardest part about shopping for the holidays is choosing the items. Cue Des Phosphènes’ 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, full of the top picks for every man and woman’s personal style.


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If you’re shopping for someone who prefers more classically masculine and feminine items with a fashion-forward twist, there are bound to be plenty of options. Maybe this person prefers a nice fur or a great pair of trousers, or maybe they would enjoy a timeless strand of pearls. Including everything from watches to baked goods, here are a few ideas for your slightly “dandy” GQ man or your traditionally elegant, luxury-loving lady. 

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Minimalism is all about clean and simple styles, often structured and always sleek. But don’t think plain black and white is all that does it. A minimalist has to pay sharp attention to detail to achieve his or her strikingly sharp look, whether through shapely shades or fuss-free footwear. It’s not likely that you’ll see many buckles or buttons in this selection, but the minimalist in your life will definitely thank you for it.

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Even with a punk rock, “no fucks given” attitude, everyone loves a little luxury, and there’s a reason rock ‘n’ roll style has long been taking the fashion industry by storm. Hedi Slimane’s range of studded leather pieces for Saint Laurent would definitely catch your favorite rocker’s eye, while there’s no doubt they wouldn’t love a new set of speakers or some jewels that pack a punch. A sharp, provocative fragrance could also be an adequate reflection of his or her persona. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options to have your favorite rebel rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

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Part hippie and part wild child, the Free Spirit is always bringing the good vibes. Why not share some of those vibes with him or her through creative prints or some new items to add life to the party? His or her youthful, fun-loving attitude would be truly grateful for any of these varied items.

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Feature photo and sketches by Scott Shapiro


Black Friday Shopping Guide

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Thanksgiving is all about love, appreciation, family bonding, and other heartwarming things like that. But we can’t forget about Thanksgiving’s evil twin sister, Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday, which is all about materialism, greed, and beating the shit out of whoever is between you and those jeans marked down by 90%. It couldn’t get more American, could it? The day after – or often the night of – a massive feast, we transform into pure brutes; eating like savages transitions into behaving as such, as we embody a slew of stereotypes. Everywhere from suburban malls in Ohio to cosmopolitan boutiques in New York City is flooded with manic citizens hungry for the best sale. And yes, people have been (and probably will be) crucially injured. But never mind the self-deprecating American jokes. Plenty of people will definitely still be participating in the Black Friday madness, so here’s a few tips to avoid any broken ribs or missing teeth when you embark on the hunt for that epic sale:

  1. Plan it Out – As exciting as diving into a sea of shoppers without any specific game plan could potentially be, there’s also a high chance that it will fail miserably. This is where all the accidents happen, as customers blindly search for the unknown. Make a wish list; if you saw a few things on the Internet, try to look for those things specifically. Remember, every store will be insanely crowded, so you’ll save a lot of time if you know what you want. Don’t forget to locate these items at their respective stores, and if possible, make a plan of where you’ll go and when. This may seem a little intense, probably because it is. Unless you enjoy hectic mobs and panic attacks, you should try to specifically plan out your Black Friday.
  2. Time it Right –If you’re one of those people who absolutely needs to get in on the Black Friday action right away, then by all means, go ahead. More and more retailers are opening their doors before the last piece of pumpkin pie is even finished, so there are plenty of options for getting a head start. Of course, this will help get access to the best sales before a lot of others, though there’s still a possibility of the typical chaos. It doesn’t necessarily hurt to go later, either. Maybe that one shirt you wanted would be totally snatched up, but the crowds would definitely die down, and often times, whatever is left at the stores would be dirt cheap. Moral of the story: think rationally about the time and place before you go straight to the local shopping center.
  3. Stick to the Necessities –Do you really need that? Try to think about things outside of the “BIGGEST SALE EVER” context. As great as 80% off might seem, an ugly shirt is still an ugly shirt, and you know you’d never really wear multicolored polka dots. Instead, why not buy something a little more useful? Apparently, this winter is supposed to be the coldest in the U.S. since 1962, while coats will be in virtually no stores until mid-January. So, now’s definitely the time to bundle up. Spending a little more to stay chic and avoid pneumonia is definitely more appealing than having a hideous piece take up space in your closet. Think before you act, regardless of the bargain.
  4. Opt for the Internet –If the recent skyrocketing of online sales isn’t an adequate indicator, shopping from home is probably one of the best choices for everyone. No one (usually) gets hurt, there’s no need to leave home at 3 in the morning, and you can happily browse an unlimited selection of items for the same reductions you’d find in stores. And those aren’t even half of the benefits of online shopping. Sure, there’s no instant gratification of getting your new duds right away, but it’s probably worth it to keep your face intact.
  5. Stay Calm –Let’s be real, the probability of getting frustrated on Black Friday is pretty high. But we’re all big boys and girls, and we’ll need to move on from those pristine pieces at perfect prices without punching a fellow customer in the face. Even things go out of stock online, and it’s necessary to keep reminding ourselves that worse things could happen. Let’s all think about Thanksgiving yesterday and how grateful we are to have our families, friends, health, and other wonderful things.

Regardless of the method you choose to shop this Black Friday, there are amazing sales happening in tons of different stores and on a variety of different websites. And some of these even continue well after Black Friday is finished, allowing for further reductions of both prices and stress. Here are some great options to check out:

Don’t forget to keep the above tips in mind and stay safe this Black Friday. Happy shopping!


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