From Puberty to Prada

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In recent years, there have been major improvements in terms of age regulations within the modeling industry. However, the discussion of age in fashion has almost completely gone silent, even though there are still several girls entering this chaotic lifestyle at a very young age. 


At 14, Jane* was told that she could be a star. An enthusiastic talent agent scouted her in a crowded New York City Starbucks on a warm summer afternoon, and she signed with the Ford Modeling Agency less than a month later.

“I felt like I was Cinderella,” Jane says about her initial experience as a fashion model. “Complete with the beautiful slippers.”

However, Jane soon realized that her new career came with an abundance of pressure, and she began to witness the harsh reality of the fashion industry. “I saw a lot of the girls around me change themselves to please clients,” she says. “Most of the girls I worked with were just teenagers, and they were definitely taken advantage of and manipulated to fit in.”

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The Year in Fashion: 2013

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That was fast, wasn’t it? Yeah, with the blink of an eye, 2013 came to a close. But in these short 12 months, there was no shortage of drama, spectacles, and undeniably iconic fashion moments. Let’s get a little nostalgic for a second and reflect on some of the most noteworthy fashion events in 2013.

And just like that, the year came to a close. Sure, maybe something groundbreaking could happen in the next few days before 2014, but otherwise, here’s to a happy New Year and plenty more exciting fashion moments!

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