Valentino RTW Spring 2018


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With each season comes a new wave of trends. Whether a practical upgrade on regular wardrobe staples or a more over-the-top direction, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable fashion fads from the Spring / Summer 2018 shows.


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The Spring 2016 Trend Report

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We’re still catching up on all the latest from the world’s top designers, and spring 2016 is looking bright. And although many labels opted for pieces that transcend seasonal limitations, there’s no denying certain trends that always emerge. From sleepwear to ruffles, tie dye to pink, check out what’s hot for spring 2016.

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Orange You Glad?

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Sorry for the corny title, but who’s excited about these new colors? For the first time in three years, the Pantone Institute unveiled 210 new shades the other day, primarily in the orange category. Sure, some of them might be a little too specific to identify, like Dragon Fire or Mango Mojito. But there’s no denying that we’ve been seeing plenty of this hue in a slew of designers’ latest collections; from the fall 2015 ready-to-wear and haute couture, resort 2016, and even the recent spring 2016 menswear shows, this particular shade’s been thrown around left and right. And we hardly doubt that’ll change when the spring 2016 ready-to-wear show circuit launches in just a few weeks. Sure, outside of the fashion world, fall is quickly creeping up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to make your wardrobe any less vibrant. It seems like orange really is the new black after all.

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Shop the Trends

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Let’s be real, we’re in kind of a confusing point in fashion; the spring 2015 menswear shows only recently wrapped up, and the industry is currently in preparation for next season’s women’s fashion. Meanwhile, retailers are clearing out their current pieces from spring 2014. But regardless of all the things pulling our attention in different directions, the fall 2014 collections are finally upon us. Yes, it’s still hot out, and you could probably sweat just thinking about putting on a new leather jacket or shearling coat. However, the temperatures will be dropping before you know it. Not only do you want to be prepared for the cooler weather, but you want to be stylish while doing so. While trends shouldn’t completely dictate your wardrobe, they’ll definitely serve as useful guidelines when it comes to your fall shopping trip. Here are some of the fall’s top trends for both menswear and womenswear and the best items to match.




When it comes to fall and winter, every guy needs to step up his suit game. And it shouldn’t be too hard, as classic tailoring is quintessential in a fall/winter men’s collection. But sharp tailoring isn’t just for the guys; these days, sleek blazers and matching trousers look just as nice on ladies. Meanwhile, coats, dresses, shirts, and skirts can be given a spruced-up, professional twist. Whether office attire or eveningwear, there’s plenty to choose from in terms of structure and elegance, all of which can outlast a single season.


The swinging 60s always make a comeback every now and then, but for fall 2014, this return seems stronger than ever. With festive colors and patterns on otherwise simple silhouettes, there are plenty of fun sweaters, dresses, and other items at your disposal. These pieces go exceptionally well with simple shoes and accessories, by the way.


Shearling could seem like a bit of an obvious trend for the fall/winter season, probably because it’s a truly timeless staple. However, these pieces are anything but basic. In more colors and textures than you could imagine, shearling makes its typical appearance on outerwear and shoes, though it also pops up on bags and other accessories. Bundling up for fall can kind of suck sometimes. Not with these chic shearlings.


Another cliché for fall, knitwear was also redone in a variety of inventive ways for fall 2014, because designers know that no one wants just a boring sweater. Sure, traditional knits were aplenty. But for those who crave a little more pizzazz, there were sweater dresses, capes, and more. Some labels even churned out some unexpected items – like pleated skirts or men’s shirts – in knitwear form. Looks like it’s time to throw away your ugly Christmas sweater.


Some might say “gypsy” or “boho,” but we’re calling it as we see it: designers are getting a lot of random influences from all across the globe. The end result shows furs and textures alongside animal prints and other patterns. Layering is key for fall and winter, so if you’re going to do it, then why not pile on a variety of influences? Go ahead, tap into your wanderlust this fall, and be sure to enjoy the journey.


Streetwear and sportswear were just as present in the fall collections as everywhere else they’ve popped up in the past year. Meanwhile, some designers were getting a little excited this season, meshing rave-appropriate attire with these urban elements. Wild hues and prints appeared on everything from sneakers to parkas and more. A bit over-the-top at times? Maybe. But one’s thing’s for sure: fall 2014 is about to be party time.

Givenchy's autumn/winter 2014 show in Paris.


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Givenchy's autumn/winter 2014 show in Paris.

It’s been said before, and it will probably be said again and again, but fashion seems to be taking a turn towards athleticism. There have been hints of this trend for a while now, with sneakers, sweats and technical fabrics popping up here and there. But the spring 2014 menswear season is when things really took off, with designers like Frida Giannini at Gucci, Massimiliano Giornetti at Salvatore Ferragamo, Phillip Lim, Italo Zucchelli at Calvin Klein Collection, Neil Barrett, Dries Van Noten and countless others throwing together ensembles that could’ve easily been sports uniforms. However, this wasn’t a one-season trend, rather the beginning of a fashion phenomena. Of course, the men’s styles began to spill over into the women’s collections. Sportswear even went to the extent of luxe trainers appearing in the couture collections of Chanel and Dior; you know a trend is huge when it permeates the one-of-a-kind haute couture track.

Continuing in several fall 2014 menswear collections, items such as anoraks and cuffed drawstring trousers were redone for the cooler months. As of New York Fashion Week, the trend was still going strong for ladies, too. What’s most exciting about the popularity of sporty styles is the statement they make. Instead of fashion dictating to the people, it seems like this urban sensibility came from streetwear itself. Sure, this invites plenty of gimmicky parody sports jerseys, obnoxious hipster interpretations and contrived street style bait, but it’s fascinating to see the trend properly executed by true design experts. It also doesn’t hurt that these aerodynamic, workout-ready silhouettes are done in optimum quality fabrics, reminding us that this is still fashion.

We can thank Riccardo Tisci for one, as his typically streetwear-influenced ensembles were some of the first to spark the marriage of high fashion to urban athleticism. Alexander Wang’s “New York cool” aesthetic helped push the trend further, and from there, plenty of other labels have quickly caught on. No matter who you attribute this style to, there’s no doubting that sportswear is all the rage.

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